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Tax Planning

The professional accountants at Chastang & Partners are experts in international tax planning, focusing on results.

Filing an income tax return may not be daunting, but preparing taxes when operating offices in other countries, receiving income from companies outside your home country, hiring employees in multiple countries, and selling or distributing goods in international markets presents more complex challenges.

tax planning


Every business, in every country, is required to pay taxes. When operating a multi-national business, it’s critical to be fully aware of the tax principles and regulations for each country in which you work or have employees. What is complex in one country is exponentially more complex as you expand into others.


Our goal is to ensure our clients accurately pay taxes owed. By building relationships and working closely with clients, we use our knowledge of international tax codes and regulations to optimize profitability and minimize liabilities for US tax returns. (We will work with local accountants for returns needed in countries outside of our international locations.)

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