Wealth Preservation

Retirement, estate planning, and long-term asset protection take on new dimensions as individuals and corporations think and grow globally.

Chastang & Partners advises clients on a comprehensive range of issues that often face high-net-worth multi-national individuals, their families, and privately held businesses. Our goal is always to structure plans for minimum liability and multi-national tax compliance to achieve the desired results and long-term viability.

Chastang & Partners works with clients (alongside their local experts) who live and/or work abroad on individual tax planning to meet the requirements of multiple governments. Considerations include employment income, estate taxes, rental income, housing expenses, foreign bank accounts, and other taxable revenue sources. Our wealth preservation services include:

Wealth Preservation | Chastang & Partners
  • Estate planning for U.S. citizens with assets in more than one country

  • Advising non-U.S. citizens about U.S. transfer taxes

  • Advising on U.S. reporting requirements for foreign accounts, assets, and interests

  • Minimizing taxes on cross-border wealth transfers

  • Structuring foreign trusts


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